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Tags and labels – adhesive technology

SSA Europe Ges.m.b.H also has tags and labels in its product range. As your partner in
adhesive technology we’ll be happy to advise you!

In the shape of SSA LABEL, SSA Europe supplies printed tags and labels for covering, protection and identification purposes. As an official tesa converting partner, SSA is also your qualified contact when it comes to printed tags and adhesive tapes. Designed for marking, covering, protecting and identifying, our self-adhesive tags, produced to custom-fit in high print quality and true colours, are matched to your production processes and requirements.

Technical self-adhesive tags for covering, protection and identification from our company are – depending on requirements – strongly adhesive, self-adhesive on one or two sides or removable, flexible, hard-wearing and tension-proof, insensitive to moisture or UV-resistant, high-temperature resistant, conductive, resistant to ageing and indestructible even in wet conditions, forgery-proof or capable of being written on later.

Areas of use of SSA LABEL self-adhesive tags:

  • For bundling cables in the electronics industry, automotive and supplier industry
  • As a structural component for sealing gaps and holes in car bodies and fittings
  • Bundling, marking, identifying and labelling of cables, electronic wiring and connections in switch cabinets, switchgear, high-voltage power lines, electrical machinery, distribution systems
  • As information labels for labelling in household appliances
  • In advertising and entertainment for mounting posters on/behind glass, production of displays, joining and fixing of parts
  • Safety tags and labels for packaging and products (e.g. automotive industry) for protection against manipulation and forgery (closure, warranty, quality and original labels, test stickers, back labels
  • For temporary and permanent fixings, for bonding on special surfaces
  • Printed tags and labels for identifying errors on printed circuit boards, equipment, printers, textile fabrics
  • In printed circuit board technology as a heat-proof covering and for identification
  • and many more...

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