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Surface protection films from SSA Ges.m.b.H.

Adhesive tapes and films for surface protection offer optimum protection for easily damaged surfaces. Depending on use, our surface protection film is transparent or coloured, strongly or weakly adhesive, weather-resistant and moisture-proof, UV or solvent-resistant.

Surface protection films and adhesive tapes guarantee the protection of your easily damaged surfaces during assembly, production and transport – until delivery to the end customer. Can be adapted to your production lines to optimise your throughput times - fabricated in special roll sizes or as die-cut parts.

SSA GUARD - your ‘bodyguard’ for easily damaged finishes, glass, borders, sills and the interior and exterior of the car and many other easily damaged surfaces.

Areas of use of SSA GUARD surface protection films:

  • Surface protection film as a protection for windows and window frame profiles, doors, gates and garage doors
  • As cladding protection film for floor surfaces such as parquet, ceramic and plastic
  • Surface protection film and adhesive tapes for varnished surfaces, powder-coated metals, stainless steel and aluminium
  • Professional surface protection for automotive manufacturers and suppliers: protection of plastic surfaces, door trim, rear shelf and carpet in the car interior
  • Surface protection film and die-cut parts for the car exterior (protection against scratches on painted and easily damaged surfaces)
  • and many more...

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