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technical adhesive tapes and surface protection.

Products from SSA Europe are used across an extremely wide range of industries. No vehicle, washing machine or copier can work without efficient self-adhesive seals, industrial adhesive tapes, die-cut parts and blanks. When it comes to the design of household appliances, machines or wind turbines, life would be unimaginable without them. In any event, they are essential for transporting windows, wind turbines and solar modules. And they are always ready for use in endless well-known and as yet unknown applications.

Advanced processing technologies and hi-tech facilities ensure the cost-effective production of SSA’s self-adhesive products – guaranteeing the efficient manufacture of our technical adhesive tapes, stamped and die-cut parts, belt fasteners, sealing tapes and profiles within short delivery times. Thanks to order-based manufacture, SSA Europe supplies items tailored to your production processes and applications.

Adhesive tapes in special sizes

For protective films and adhesive tapes in special sizes, SSA Europe offers special roll cuts. Even adhesive tapes outside standard widths and no-compromise manufacturing processes can thus become a reality. With its blanks service for special roll sizes, SSA is also the best choice for items that don’t come “off the peg”.

Stamped parts and die-cut parts

One core area of SSA is the manufacture of items in roll form and stamped and die-cut parts in special shapes. Product development carried out jointly with the customer makes it possible to create parts perfectly adapted to manufacturing lines and production and application machines – all designed to optimise your manual, semi and fully-automated production processes.

Giving materials a self-adhesive finish

During the material lamination process, the material passes through the laminating plant which, using pressure or heat, creates the desired composite from material and adhesive. Want to give a material a double-sided adhesive tape finish or join two different materials to one another? Take advantage of SSA’s expertise in the area of material lamination!

Printing on adhesive tapes, rolls and labels

For labelling, identifying and promoting your products, SSA Europe supplies printed adhesive tapes and labels for permanent identification. Printed SSA packaging tapes, adhesive tapes, rolls and labels with your logo – available even in small runs and in high print quality.


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