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SMT splice products

We are professional experts when it comes to join SMT component reels
with SMT products.

Splicing tapes prevent production stoppages and component losses in taping machines and pick-and-place machines.

Splice tapes create a precise and secure connection of SMT component tape reels in taping and pick-and-place machines. Due to inefficient connection of the SMT tape reel and component reel, production stoppages and component loss occur. SMT splicing variants reduce these stoppages – by allowing the reels to adhere precisely to one another. Save time and costs with the SSA splice tapes, cover tape extenders, splicing tools and accessories.

Other names for SMT splice products are splice tape, joint tape and cover tape extender.

Splicing tape accessories: SMT cover tape extender, splice tape, splice clip, splice tool

Areas of use of SSA SPLICE cover tape extender, splice tape and accessories:

  • Double splice tape as a splicing method for SMT reels – for connecting without any auxiliary device
  • Radial reel fasteners for secure connection of component reels in taping machines and pick-and-place machines – extremely tear-resistant
  • SMD splicing tape in roll form or loose, which require a UL listing and moisture resistance
  • and many more...

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