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Data privacy statement

We collect, process and use your data only within the framework of the statutory regulations.

This data privacy statement applies exclusively to the use of the websites we offer. It does not apply to the websites of other service providers to which we merely refer via a link.

When using our websites you shall remain anonymous so long as you do not provide us with personal data voluntarily of your own accord.

Personal data shall only be collected if this is necessary for the use of the services offered on the website, in particular form submissions. We shall treat the data you provide in strict confidence.

We shall not pass on any personal data without your explicit consent unless we are obliged to do so by law. We would however point out that when transmitting data on the internet situations can always occur in which third parties become aware of or falsify your data.

If you request us to do so we shall allow you to look into the data we have stored about you and shall delete it as the case may be. If you wish to amend, delete or review any data, simply write to the address stated in the company details section.

As part of the process of informing our customers about new products etc. we shall only send you e-mails if you provide us with your e-mail address.

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